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Sunnehanna widening and Golf Course property development

 Apparently, our massive letter write-in effort **WAS** enough to re-open a discussion on the Sunnehanna access waiver request by the developer (thank-you ALL who took the time to do this!!), who again presented his proposed road modifications and reasons why a second access point was difficult.
  However - it wasn't enough to to turn the tide.
  Another vote was taken which again ended in a tie. But this time, commission chairman Steven Neeves made the following statement, and stepped in to cast the tie breaking vote - to APPROVE the design waiver for Sunnehanna and thus allowing the development of the former golf course property to proceed.
  "I have now been dealing with this issue for six months. This is the worst design situation in the county. But I'm going to tell you something - after meeting with y'all - if you don't get the road fixed this way, you'll never come together to get the road fixed. That's all there is to it. And I think that the safety of the road is more important than the second entrance."

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Oldest news below:

  • IG Development Corp. (IGDC), the owner of the two former golf course properties (north & south of the clubhouse), has requested a waiver of the county Access Management Standards for our entrance - which state that for a development of more than 100 units, at least two paved points of access are required.
  • On May 19, 2019, a Planning Commission workgroup wrote an opinion on the applicant's request, which recommended approval with conditions - see Document B). If passed, this opens the way for an expansion of the Sunnehanna roadway, and consequently the building of additional homes and townhouses on the properties.
  • On May 30, 2019, by a 4-4 (tie) vote, the Planning Commission approved this request for an access waiver to the Island Green entrance.
      Actually - what happend is this:
    • Eight voting members were present, four in favor of granting the waiver, four opposed
    • Rules state that "In cases of a tie, the motion fails".   Planning Dept. Code of Ordinances, Sec. 2-28 (a)
    • A member who wanted approval (sensing a tie and consequently a defeat), made a motion to "NOT APPROVE" the applicant's waiver request. This motion moved forward because it was seconded.
    • The vote on this motion was a 4-4 tie. So by the rules, it did NOT pass.
    • In other words - the motion to NOT approve the applicant's waiver was NOT approved - so by inference, it passed.
  • **HOWEVER** - rules for "final" approval require that board members accept and approve the minutes of the meeting where the vote took place (May 30) - which is scheduled for the upcoming Planning Commission meeting on July 11 - Document C).
      The confusing gamesmanship that occurred at the May 30 meeting is another reason why those meeting minutes should NOT be approved.
  • Thus far, only a few community members have been shouldering the load to prevent the cost of the Sunnehanna Road enlargement (benefitting mostly IGDC) to be forced on ALL current residents - see presentation by Debbie Godman to Planning Commission on June 6 - Document F).
      Please consider pitching in and sending your thoughts on these issues to the Planning Commission members.
  • Unfortunately, very little information is currently available on the county website - Link E), and the reason stated is that "Meeting minutes have not yet been approved".

What's the problem?

  • Safety standards for ingress/egress are not optional in our day-to-day lives. Think of exit requirements for houses, buildings, ships, airplanes, etc.
  • Common sense dictates that safety deficiencies allowed by past rulings should not be "grandfathered in".
  • A single point of access for as large of a community as ours could potentially result in a life-threatening bottleneck in the event of emergency, accident, fire, hurricane, tornado, active shooter, flooding, etc.
  • Although it's reasonable to expect that current residents should pay for maintainance of Sunnehanna, most believe they should ** NOT ** pay for the substantial (expensive!!) road upgrade needed by IGDC to build the additional 450 units on the golf course.

Do the math:

  • # of current Island Green units using our single access point: 1250 (12.5X the current standard)
  • # of units using our single access point after the "back 9" build-out: 1397 (14X current standard)
     NOTE: the "back 9" developer already has approval to build 147 additional units!!
  • # of units using our single access point if developer's waiver request is granted: 1839 (18X current standard!!)

What could happen if the developer's waiver request is granted (i.e. May 30th meeting minutes approved)?

  • Major construction and tie-ups at the Sunnehanna entrance over an extended period.
  • An additional 331 single family and 115 townhouses built on the former golf course property.
  • Master Deed created for all HOA's to join - or face expensive litigation (like Herron Point??).
  • Current Island Green homeowners to pay for two-thirds of the cost of upgrading Sunnehanna - $600/unit and rising..
  • Expect an additional monthy fee to be added to your current HOA fee for future road maintance

What can we do?

  • Tell all the Planning Board members to **NOT** approve the May 30th workshop meeting minutes
  • Focus efforts on the four board members that APPROVED the waiver request - especially Joey Rae, since he is the only one without ties to the developer or sub-contractors of this development project.
  • also focus on the board members that did not vote on May 30th. Ask them to attend the July 11th meeting and support ** Non-Approval ** of the May 30th meeting minutes.
  • email, phone, and letter mail them with your opinions and concerns - see Document D) and below
  • Inform the local media about our situation here and concerns about out-of-control development - WMBF Investigates, WPDE, etc.
  • Spread the word!  A significant write-in response from our community WILL get noticed.
  • Forward this website link to friends and neighbors.
  • Please do this as soon as possible, and certainly before the July 11th Planning Board meeting!
  • Plan on attending the critical Planning Commission meeting in Conway on July 11 at 5:30PM

Contact info for Planning Commission members:

- voted "YES" on May 30 - to approve Sunnehanna access waiver & golf course development:
    *** Please ask them to reverse their position!! ***
  Pam Cecala  Joey Ray  Charles Brown  Martin Dawsey
   HINT - cut/paste these addresses into your email app:;;;;

- other Planning Commission members:
  Steven Neeves (chairman), Marvin Heyd (our district), Jerome Randall, Chuck Rhome, Chris Hennigan, Burnett Owens, Kim Hardee;;;;;;;

NOTE: If your email program says "Invalid address", try copy/paste again with this format:,,,,,,,,,,